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Mara McWilliams

Outta My Head and In Your Face

Outta My Head and In Your Face by Mara McWilliams

Take a look into the mind and experience the feelings of a woman diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Through the poetry and artwork in OUTTA MY HEAD AND IN YOUR FACE, Mara McWilliams shares her journey through the darkest depths of mental illness, to a place where she now experiences peace. Mara's personal transformation and recovery is the result of being properly diagnosed, a medication regimen, tremendous hard work and dedication to a better, balanced, life.

This book of selected poems and paintings by Mara McWilliams chronicles that journey. She hopes to give the reader a view into the tortured mind of the undiagnosed mentally ill, as well as to give hope to those whose lives have been touched by mental illness, that a full and beautiful life is possible.

Proceeds from the book will go to a college fund for Mara's daughter.

"This book will hit readers in their nervous systems. Raw, pure, and potent language from a true-to-form expert."

- Eric Shapiro
Author of "Short of a Picnic"

"Allen Ginsberg told me "there's not enough candor in the world, be candid." Mara McWilliams embraces Ginsberg's advice. No sugar coating, no Disneyfication, here. Mara lucidly reports poemed tales of demons and angels, of her struggles to survive, to be healed, to be fully openly honestly human. She succeeds. Her poems can help others heal. I recommend her work."

- Ron Whitehead