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Mara McWilliams
Using Art Therapy for Good Mental Health
The key to living successfully with bipolar disorder is realizing how your disorder benefits you. For me, bipolar disorder allows me to tap into my creativity. I suggest you too look at your life and see where your disorder adds something special to your life.... Read More »

Feelings of the Null and Voided
The California Supreme Court has spoken, finding our beloved Mayor Newsom to have exceeded his authority when granting same-sex marriage licenses.  Our marriages have been found to be void and of no legal effect... Read More »

Our Gay Marriage
Hundreds of us camped out around San Francisco City Hall in the cold and rain for the opportunity to be issued a marriage license and get legally married, even if the marriage might only be legal for a few days... Read More »

Mental Health Consumer Articles

Bad Press on Bipolar Disorder
Lately it seems that the media is airing a lot of dirty laundry about bipolar disorder, without showing the public that many of us are kind, empathetic, in active recovery, and are responsible individuals... Read More »

Bipolar Parenting
We all have found, over the years, that sharing our experiences with those who are or have experienced the same thing is healing and therapeutic for all parties involved... Read More »

Bipolar Interview
Education is vital to anyone in the role of offering support to someone suffering from bipolar disorder. This is an informative interview with Shie Rozow, Andy Behrman and Mara McWilliams, three individuals who live with bipolar disorder... Read More »

My Name is Mara McWilliams
The Bright Side Professional Center, September 2003
My name is Mara McWilliams. I want to take a moment and thank you for taking the time to read my article about being bipolar. This article could change your life or the life of someone close to you, so I hope you continue reading... Read More »

Doctor's Office Says It All
The Bright Side Professional Center, September 2003
A few words about the doctor's office from a bipolar client: I have patiently sat in many a waiting room waiting to be seen. If I am coming to therapy, it's because I have issues. Be courteous and have a nice box of Kleenex in the waiting room... Read More »

A Client Decides to Seek Therapy
The Bright Side Professional Center, July 2003
Reaching out for help when you are emotionally suffering, feeling suicidal, or extremely depressed is a very difficult thing to achieve. As a mental health consumer and as a once distraught HUMAN BEING, I can tell you that there often seems to be too many hurdles to overcome just to get IN to see a therapist.... Read More »